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First Aid Training

First Aid at Work FAW 

Emergency First Aid at Work EFAW

Emergency Paediatric First Aid

Paediatric First Aid

Mini-Medics (First Aid for age 8+)

Activity First Aid

First Aid Risk Assessment


BLS and Safe Use of an AED

Oxygen Therapy Administration

Immediate Management of Anaphylaxis

Fire Risk Assessments & Fire Safety Training

1. We can assess your premises for Fire Risks and help you eliminate them with suggestions for action

2. We provide Fire Training for your staff - detailed theory as well as hands-on training with extinguisher

 HADFAST Certificate of Attendance & Competence will be awarded

Health & Safety Assessments & Training

1. A full day's check onsite to highlight any areas which may need addressing to eliminate H&S risks with written report within 3-5 days

2. We provide general H&S Training for your staff - we can cover the basics, and include any customised points that your company requires

e.g. H&S in Catering

H&S in Care

H&S in Retail

Safe Food Handling &Food Hygiene

Basic Food Hygiene training (1 Day)  Suitable for all food handlers and leading to a HADFAST Certificate

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